Sun Cluster Data Service for Oracle RAC Guide for Solaris OS

Hardware and Software Requirements

Before you begin the installation, note the hardware and software requirements in the subsections that follow.

Sun Cluster Framework Requirements

Sun Cluster Support for Oracle RAC requires a functioning cluster with the initial cluster framework already installed. See Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS for details about initial installation of cluster software.

Software License Requirements

Verify that you have obtained and installed the appropriate licenses for your software. If you install your licenses incorrectly or incompletely, the nodes might fail to boot correctly.

For example, if you are using VxVM with the cluster feature, verify that you have installed a valid license for the Volume Manager cluster feature by running the vxlicrep command.

Supported Topology Requirements

Check with a Sun Enterprise Services representative for the current supported topologies for Sun Cluster Support for Oracle RAC, cluster interconnect, storage management scheme, and hardware configurations.

Patch Installation Requirements

Ensure that you have installed all the applicable software patches for the Solaris Operating System, Sun Cluster, Oracle, and your volume manager. If you need to install any Sun Cluster Support for Oracle RAC patches, you must apply these patches after you install the data service packages.