Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.8 Administration Guide

weekdayRange()(wd1, wd2, gmt)

The weekdayRange() function detects a particular weekday or a range of weekdays, such as Monday through Friday. This is useful if you want the FindProxyForURL function to act differently depending on the day of the week.


wd1and wd2are any one of these weekday strings: SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT

gmt is either GMT for Greenwich Mean Time, or is left out for local time.

Only the first parameter, wd1, is mandatory. Either wd2, gmt, or both can be left out.

If only one parameter is present, the function returns a true value on the weekday that the parameter represents. If the string GMT is specified as a second parameter, times are given in GMT. Otherwise, the times are given in your local time zone.

If both wd1 and wd2 are defined, the condition is true if the current weekday is between those two weekdays. Bounds are inclusive. The order of parameters is important; “MON,” “WED” is Monday through Wednesday, but “WED,” “MON” is from Wednesday to the Monday of the next week.


This statement is true Monday through Friday (local time zone). weekdayRange("MON", "FRI")

This statement is true Monday through Friday, in Greenwich Mean Time. weekdayRange("MON", "FRI", "GMT")

This statement is true on Saturdays, local time.weekdayRange("SAT")

This statement is true on Saturdays, in Greenwich Mean Time.weekdayRange("SAT", "GMT")

This statement is true Friday through Monday (the order is important)weekdayRange("FRI", "MON")