Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 4.0.8 Installation and Migration Guide

Installing in Silent Mode

Silent mode installation runs without any user input and uses the configuration file to obtain the installation information. This section contains the following topics:

Creating the Installer Configuration File

The installer configuration file is created when you use the savestate option with the setup command to start an interactive installation. During the interactive installation, your input is collected and stored in the configuration file you specified. This forms the template for silent installation, which you can use later to install the product on one or more systems. If needed, you can modify the installer configuration file.

The syntax for creating an installer configuration file is as follows:

For graphical method:

./setup --savestate

Note –

Type setup --savestate to create the installer configuration file using the GUI method on Windows.

For command-line method:

./setup --console --savestate

Note –

Type setup --console --savestate to create the installer configuration file using the CLI method on Windows.

Example of an Installer Configuration File

An installer configuration file in Windows looks similar to the following:

[STATE_BEGIN Sun Java System Web Proxy Server 
defaultInstallDirectory = C:\\Sun\\ProxyServer40
currentInstallDirectory = d:\\ProxyServer40
JRE_LOCATION = d:\\jdk\\jre
ADMIN_UID = root
ADMIN_NAME = admin
ADMIN_PWD = admin123
PROXY_UID = nobody
[STATE_DONE Sun Java System Proxy Server 

Modifying the Installer Configuration File

You can modify the installer configuration file by editing the variables and values described in Modifying the Installer Configuration File.

Table 1–2 Installer Configuration File Variables

Variable Name  

Valid values (if applicable)  




Selected installation directory path 



List of product components selected for installation 



Selected J2SETM installation directory path


Valid user ID 

Valid UNIX user ID to run administration server 


1 - 65535 

Valid port to run the administration server 



Administrator user name for initial administrator server instance 



Administrator password for initial server instance 


Valid user ID 

Valid UNIX user ID to run the proxy instance server 


1 - 65535 

Valid default port to run the proxy instance server 

Silent Installation Using the Installer Configuration File

ProcedureSteps for installing Proxy Server in Silent Mode

  1. Review the configuration file and verify that it contains what you want to use for your silent installation.

  2. Copy your installer configuration file to each system where you plan to install the Proxy Server software.

  3. Copy the Proxy Server installation files to each system where you plan to install the Proxy Server software.

  4. Navigate to the directory where you copied the installation files and your installer configuration file.

  5. Start silent installation at the command line using the following command format:

    ./setup --silent config_file

    Note –

    Type setup --silent config_file to start the silent installation on Windows.

    The installation program reads the specified config_file, checks for adequate disk space, then installs the product based on the data in config_file.

    When the prompt is returned, the silent installation is complete and the installation components are installed on your systems.

    You can view the installation log files. For information on the log file paths, see Installation Log Files.

    For information about starting the administration server, see Starting the Administration Server.