Deployment Example: SAML v2 Using Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0

ProcedureTo Create a User Data Instance on Directory Server 2

Use this procedure to create a Directory Server instance named am-users for storing user data. The instance uses port 1489 for LDAP and port 1736 for LDAPS.

Before You Begin

This procedure assumes you have just completed To Install Directory Server 2 and are still logged into the host machine as a root user.

  1. Change to the Directory Server bin directory.

    # cd /var/opt/mps/serverroot/ds6/bin
  2. Run dsadm create to create a user data instance called am-users.

    # ./dsadm create -p 1489 -P 1736 /var/opt/mps/sp-users
    Choose the Directory Manager password: dsmanager
    Confirm the Directory Manager password: dsmanager
    use 'dsadm start /var/opt/mps/am-users' to start the instance
  3. Run dsadm start to start the instance.

    # ./dsadm start /var/opt/mps/sp-users
    Directory Server instance '/var/opt/mps/sp-users' started: pid=7191
  4. Run netstat to verify that the new instance is up and running.

    # netstat -an | grep 1489
    .1489		*.*		0		0  49152		0 LISTEN
    .1489		*.*		0		0  49152		0 LISTEN
  5. Run ldapsearch to verify that you can read the root Directory Server entry of the new instance.

    # cd /var/opt/mps/serverroot/dsrk6/bin
    # ./ldapsearch -h 
    -p 1489 -b "" -s base "(objectclass=*)"
    version: 1
    objectClass: top
    supportedLDAPVersion: 3
    vendorName: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    vendorVersion: Sun-Java(tm)-System-Directory/6.3