Deployment Example: SAML v2 Using Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0

ProcedureTo Configure the Hosted Identity Provider

Configure the instance of OpenSSO Enterprise deployed in Part II, Building the Identity Provider Environment and situated behind Load Balancer 2, as a hosted identity provider. This procedure creates the idpcot circle of trust.

  1. Access from a web browser.

  2. Log in to the OpenSSO Enterprise console as the administrator.





    The Common Tasks tab is displayed.

  3. Click Create Hosted Identity Provider under Create SAML v2 Providers.

    The Create a SAML v2 Identity Provider on this Server page is displayed.

  4. Make the following changes on the Create a SAML v2 Identity Provider on this Server page.

    • Select the No radio button for Do you have metadata for this provider?

    • Under metadata properties, type as the value for Name.

    • Under metadata properties, select test as the value for Signing Key.

    • Under Circle of Trust properties, type idpcot as the value for the New Circle of Trust.

    • Accept the default values for any remaining properties.

  5. Click Configure.

  6. Select Finish to end the task.

    This instance of OpenSSO Enterprise is now configured as a SAML v2 identity provider.

  7. Click the Federation tab to verify the hosted identity provider configurations.

    • Confirm that idpcot was created under the Circle of Trust table with one entity:|saml2.

    • Confirm that|saml2 was created under the Entity Providers table.