Deployment Example: SAML v2 Using Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0

ProcedureTo Create a Base Suffix for the User Data Instance on Directory Server 2

Use this procedure to create the base suffix in which the user entries will be stored.

Before You Begin

This procedure assumes you have just completed To Create a User Data Instance on Directory Server 2 and are still logged into the host machine as a root user.

  1. Run dsconf create-suffix to create a base suffix.

    # ./dsconf create-suffix -p 1489 -B dbExample 
    -L /var/opt/mps/idp-users/db/exampleDS dc=company,dc=com
  2. Provide the appropriate information when prompted.

    Certificate "CN=ds2, CN=1736, CN=directory Server, O=Sun Microsystems" 
    presented by the server is not trusted.
    Type "Y" to accept, "y" to accept just once, "n" to refuse, "d" for more details: Y
    Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password: dsmanager

    Tip –

    When you enter an uppercase Y, you are not asked for the certificate again in the next steps.

  3. Run dsconf list-suffixes to verify that the base suffix was successfully created.

    # ./dsconf list-suffixes -p 1489
    Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password: dsmanager

    If the base suffix was successfully created, dc=company,dc=com is returned. You can also see idp-users in a command line list of directory instances.

    # cd /var/opt/mps
    # ls
    idp-users serverroot
  4. Log out of the host machine.