Sun Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide

Adding a New Cluster Node

When you add a new node to a cluster that is in a partnership, you must perform additional tasks on that node to make it an active participant in the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition configuration.

ProcedureHow to Add a New Node to a Cluster in a Partnership

Perform all steps from the new node.

  1. Add the new node to the cluster.

    Follow procedures in Adding a Node in Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS.

  2. Install Sun Cluster Geographic Edition, data replication, and application software on the new node.

  3. If the cluster with the new node is the primary for any activated protection groups, remove application resource groups from those protection groups.

    This step is necessary to avoid application downtime.

    # geopg remove-resource-group resourcegroup protectiongroup
  4. Deactivate all protection groups that are active on this cluster locally.

    # geopg stop -e local protectiongroup
  5. Stop the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition infrastructure.

    # geoadm stop
  6. Re-enable the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition infrastructure.

    This action recreates each Sun Cluster Geographic Edition resource group and adds all nodes in the cluster, including the new node, to the node list.

    # geoadm start
  7. Reactivate the protection groups that you deactivated in Step 4.

    # geopg start -e local protectiongroup
  8. Restore any application resource groups that you removed in Step 3.

    # geopg add-resource-group resourcegroup protectiongroup