Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Technical Overview

Support for SOAP Messages

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) allows the exchange of structured data between two peers in a distributed environment. The data exchanged is specified by an XML schema. SOAP message delivery is limited to using the point-to-point domain and does not by itself guarantee reliability.

However, Message Queue Java clients are able to send and receive SOAP messages, encapsulated as JMS messages. By encapsulating a SOAP message in a JMS message and delivering it using the broker, you can take advantage of full featured Message Queue messaging, which guarantees reliable delivery and also allows you to use the publish/subscribe domain. Message Queue provides utility routines that a message producer can use to encapsulate a SOAP message as a JMS message and that a message consumer can use to extract a SOAP message from the JMS message. Message Queue also provides XML schema validation of the encapsulated XML message.

Working with SOAP Messages gives you a more detailed view of SOAP message processing.