Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Technical Overview

Publish/Subscribe Messaging

In the publish/subscribe domain, message producers are called publishers and message consumers are called subscribers. They exchange messages by means of a destination called a topic: publishers produce messages to a topic; subscribers subscribe to a topic and consume messages from a topic.

Figure 2–3 shows a simple messaging operation in the publish/subscribe domain. MyTopicPublisher publishes Msg1 to the destination MyTopic. Then, MyTopicSubscriber1 and MyTopicSubscriber2 each receive a copy of Msg1 from MyTopic.

Figure 2–3 Simple Publish/Subscribe Messaging

Figure shows one publisher sending the same message to
two subscribers via a topic destination. Figure described in text.

While the publish/subscribe model does not require that there be more than one subscriber, two subscribers are shown in the figure to emphasize the fact that this domain allows you to broadcast messages. All subscribers to a topic get a copy of any message published to that topic.

Subscribers can be durable or non-durable. If a durable subscriber becomes inactive, the broker retains messages for it until the subscriber becomes active and consumes the messages. If a non-durable subscriber becomes inactive, the broker does not retain messages for it.

Figure 2–4 shows a more complex picture of publish/subscribe messaging to illustrate the possibilities offered by this domain. Several producers publish messages to the Topic1 destination. Several subscribers consume messages from the Topic1 destination. Unless, a subscriber is using a selector to filter messages, each subscriber gets all the messages published to the topic to which it is subscribed. In Figure 2–4, MyTSubscriber2 has filtered out Msg2.

Figure 2–4 Complex Publish/Subscribe Messaging

Figure shows three publishers sending messages to three
subscribers via one topic destination. Figure described in text.

This more complex picture exemplifies a number of additional points about publish/subscribe messaging.

The main advantage of the publish/subscribe model is that it allows messages to be broadcast to multiple subscribers.