Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Developer's Guide to Java Web Applications

locale-charset-info Element

Specifies the mapping between the locale and the character encoding that should be set in the Content-type header of the response if a servlet or JSP sets the response locale using the ServletResponse.setLocale method. This setting overrides the web container's default locale-to-charset mapping.


The following table describes subelements for the locale-charset-info element.

Table A–47 locale-charset-info Subelements




locale-charset-map Element

one or more 

Maps a locale to a character set. Used only for request processing, and only if no parameter-encoding is defined.

parameter-encoding Element

zero or one 

Deprecated. Use the parameter-encoding element under sun-web-app instead. This setting is supported only for backward compatibility with applications developed under Web Server.


The following table describes the default-locale attribute for the locale-charset-info element.

Table A–48 locale-charset-info Attributes

Attribute Value 

Default Value 




Although a value is required, the value is ignored. Use the default-charset attribute of the parameter-encoding Element.