Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 Developer's Guide to Java Web Applications

ProcedureTo Configure a Simple Connection Pool

In this example procedure, the connection pool uses the ORACLE JDBC driver.

  1. Start wadm

    $ ./bin/wadm --user=admin
    Please enter admin-user-password>user-admin-password
    Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 B01/02/2006 14:22
  2. Verify the list of available configurations.

  3. Create the jdbc-resource configuration.

    For more information about all possible elements, see Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Administrator's Configuration File Reference.

    wadm>create-jdbc-resource --config=test 
    --datasource-class=oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource jdbc/MyPool
  4. Add properties to jdbc-resource.

    Properties are primarily used to configure the driver's vendor-specific properties. In the following example, the values for the properties url, user, and password are added to jdbc-resource.

    wadm>list-jdbc-resource-userprops --config=test --jndi-name=jdbc/MyPool 
    password=mypassword user=myuser url=jdbcZ:oracle:thin:@hostname:1421MYSID
  5. Enable the connection validation.

    wadm>set-jdbc-resource-prop --config=test --jndi-name=jdbc/MyPool
    connection-validation-table-name=test connection-validation=table
    CLI201 Command "set-jdbc-resource-prop" ran successfully
  6. Change the pool setting.

    In this example, the maximum number of connections is set to 100.

    wadm>set-jdbc-resource-prop --config=test --jndi-name=jdbc/MyPool max-connections=100
    CLI201 Command "set-jdbc-resource-prop" ran successfully.
  7. Deploy the configuration.

    wadm>deploy-config test
    CLI201 Command "deploy-config" ran successfully.

    You can install a JDBC driver with Java Archive (JAR) files in one of the following ways:

    • Copy the driver's JAR file into the server's instance library directory. JAR files in the instance library directory will automatically load and available for server.

    • Modify the JVM class-path- suffix to include JDBC drivers jar file. The new value will overwrite the old value of the element. For example, wadm> set-jvm-prop --config=test class-path-suffix=/export/home/lib/classes12.jar