Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Developer's Guide for C Clients


The MQPropertiesKeyIterationHasNext function returns MQ_TRUE if there are additional property keys left in the iteration.

              (const MQPropertiesHandle  propertiesHandle);

Return Value




A properties handle that you want to access.

ProcedureTo Get Message Properties

  1. Start the process by calling the MQPropertiesKeyIterationStart() function.

  2. Loop using the MQPropertiesKeyIterationHasNext() function.

  3. Extract the name of each property key by calling the MQPropertiesKeyIterationGetNext() function.

  4. Determine the type of the property value for a given key by calling the MQGetPropertyType() function.

  5. Use the appropriate MQGet...Property function to find the value for the specified property key.

    If you know the property key, you can just use the appropriate MQGet...Property function to get its value. Note that this function is not multi-thread-safe.