Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Developer's Guide for C Clients



The handle to the session to which this producer belongs.


A handle to the destination where you want this producer to send all messages. This handle remains valid after the call returns.


Output parameter for the handle that references the producer.

The MQCreateMessageProducerForDestination function creates a message producer with a specified destination. All messages sent out by this producer will go to that destination. Use the MQSendMessage() function or the MQSendMessageExt() function to send messages for a producer with a specified destination.

Use the MQCreateMessageProducer() function when you want to use one producer to send messages to a variety of destinations.

A session’s producers are automatically closed when you close the session or connection to which they belong. To close a producer without closing the session or connection to which it belongs, use the MQCloseMessageProducer() function.