Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Assign Users to a Community

You can assign members to communities by navigating to Control Panel -> Portal -> Communities or by using the My Communities portlet.

  1. Log in to Web Space Server as the admin user.

  2. Click Add Applications from the Welcome menu.

  3. Expand the Community folder.

  4. Click Add next to the My Communities portlet.

  5. Click Available Communities to list all available communities.

  6. Click the Actions button for the community, and choose Assign Members from the menu.

    All the current Users, Organizations, and User Groups are listed in their respective tabs.

  7. Click the Available tab under Users tab to list all available users.

  8. Select each of the users whom you want to assign as members.

  9. Click the Update Associations button to assign selected users as members.

  10. Click the Current tab to view the current members, which include the members you just assigned to the community.