Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 Administration Guide

Portlet URL

Portlet URL is a property in the file, which is the default configuration file for Sun GlassFish Web Space Server. You can override this property using file.

Set the following to true if calling setParameter on a portlet URL appends the parameter value versus replacing it. There is some disagreement in the interpretation of the JSR 168 spec among portlet developers over this specific behavior. Liferay Portal successfully passes the portlet TCK tests whether this value is set to true or false.

See for more information.


Set the following to true to allow portlet URLs to generate with an anchor tag.


JSR 286 specifies that portlet URLs are escaped by default. Set this to false to provide for better backwards compatibility.

If this is set to true, but a specific portlet application requires that its portlet URLs not be escaped by default, then modify portlet.xml and set the container run-time option javax.portlet.escapeXml to false.