Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 Guide for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0

Creating a Password File

A password file is an ASCII text file with only one line specifying a password in clear text. By using a password file, you are not forced to expose a password at the command line.

When you create the IIS 6.0 agent configuration file using the IIS6CreateConfig.vbs script, you will be prompted to specify the path to the IIS 6.0 agent profile password file.

If you plan to use the ssoadm utility to manage the IIS 6.0 agent, you will also need a password file to store the password for the agent administrator (which can be amadmin, if you prefer).

ProcedureTo Create a Password File

  1. Create an ASCII text file for the password file. For example, for an agent profile: C:\tmp\IIS6Agentpw.txt

  2. Using a text editor, enter the appropriate password in clear text on the first line of the password file.

  3. Secure the password file appropriately, depending on the requirements for your deployment.