Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Policy Agent 3.0 Guide for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0

Downloading and Unzipping the IIS 6.0 Agent Distribution File

ProcedureTo Download and Unzip the IIS 6.0 Agent Distribution File

  1. Login into the server where you want to install the agent.

  2. Create a directory to unzip the agent distribution file.

  3. Download and unzip the agent distribution file, depending on your platform:


    Distribution File 

    Windows 2003 Server, 32-bit systems

    Windows 2003 Server, 64-bit systems

    These distribution files are available from the following sites:

    The following table shows the files and directories after you unzip the agent distribution file. These files are in the following directory:


    where AgentHome is where you unzipped the agent distribution file. For example: C:\Agents\web_agents\iis6_agent

    File or Directory 


    README and license.txt

    Readme and license files 


    • IIS6CreateConfig.vbs and IIS6Admin.vbs scripts

    • IIS6Resource.en resource file (English version)

    • certutil.exe and cryptit.exe utilities

    • dll and other supporting files


    Template and properties files