Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Installation Guide

Uninstalling in Silent Mode

In silent mode, the Uninstaller operates from a predefined answer file representing your responses to the GUI screens. This allows you to script the uninstallation process in advance and then perform it in batch mode without actually displaying the GUI screens and responding to them interactively. To create an answer file, start the Uninstaller with the -n option:

   uninstaller  -n answerFile

where answerFile identifies the file in which to record your responses. This causes the Uninstaller to execute a “dry run,” presenting the sequence of GUI screens without actually performing the uninstallation. Your input responses are recorded in the specified answer file. You can then perform the uninstallation at a later time by starting the Uninstaller with the -s (“silent”) option, specifying the same answer file:

   uninstaller  -s  -a answerFile

This performs a silent uninstallation as defined by the answer file, without visibly displaying the GUI screens.