Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Developer's Guide for C Clients

Transacted Sessions

If you specify that a session be transacted, the acknowledge mode is ignored. Within a transacted session, the broker tracks sends and receives, completing these operations only when the client issues a call to commit the transaction. If a send or receive operation fails, the operation will return an error. Your application can handle the error by ignoring it, retrying it, or rolling back the entire transaction. When a transaction is committed, all the successful operations are completed. When a transaction is rolled back, all the successful operations are cancelled. A transaction cannot encompass both the production and consumption of the same message.

The scope of a local transaction is a single session. One or more producer or consumer operations can be grouped into a single local transaction only if performed in the context of a single session.

To extend the scope of a transaction beyond a single session, you can use a distributed transaction. A distributed transaction is managed by an external distributed transaction manager, as described in Working With Distributed Transactions.