Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Developer's Guide for C Clients



The handle to the connection on which the connection exception occurred. The client runtime sets this handle when it calls the connection exception handler.


An MQStatus for the connection exception that occurred. The client runtime specifies this value when it calls the exception handler.

You can pass this status result to any functions used to handle errors to get an error code or error string. For more information, see Error Handling.


Whatever void pointer was passed as the listenerCallbackData parameter to the functionMQCreateConnection for more information.

The body of a connection exception listener function is written by the client. This function will only be called synchronously with respect to a single connection. If you install it as the connection exception listener for multiple connections, then it must be reentrant.

Do not try to close the session (or the connection to which it belongs) in the exception listener.