Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Developer's Guide for Java Clients

Message Compression

You can use the Message.setBooleanProperty() method to specify that the body of a message be compressed. If the JMS_SUN_COMPRESS property is set to true, the client runtime, will compress the body of the message being sent. This happens after the producer’s send method is called and before the send method returns to the caller. The compressed message is automatically decompressed by the client runtime before the message is delivered to the message consumer.

For example, the following call specifies that a message be compressed:


Compression only affects the message body; the message header and properties are not compressed.

Two read-only JMS message properties are set by the client runtime after a message is sent.

Applications can test the properties (JMS_SUN_UNCOMPRESSED_SIZE and JMS_SUN_COMPRESSED_SIZE) after a send returns to determine whether compression is advantageous. That is, applications wanting to use this feature, do not have to explicitly receive a compressed and uncompressed version of the message to determine whether compression is desired.

If the consumer of a compressed message wants to resend the message in an uncompressed form, it should call the Message.clearProperties() to clear the JMS_SUN_COMPRESS property. Otherwise, the message will be compressed before it is sent to its next destination.