Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Developer's Guide for Java Clients

Parallel Broker Auto-Reconnect

Configure your connection-factory objects as follows:

Example 3–4 Example of Command to Configure Parallel Brokers

imqobjmgr add -t cf -l "cn=myCF" \
    -o "imqAddressList=myhost1, mqtcp://myhost2:12345/jms" \
    -o "imqReconnect=true" \
    -o "imqReconnectRetries=5"
    -j "java.naming.factory.initial = 
    -j "java.naming.provider.url= file:///home/foo/imq_admin_objects"

This command creates a connection factory object with two addresses in the broker list. The first address describes a broker instance running on the host myhost1 with a standard port number (7676). The second address describes a jms connection service running at a statically configured port number (12345).