Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Developer's Guide for Java Clients

Defining a SOAP Fault

Using SAAJ you can specify the value for faultcode, faultstring, and faultactor using methods of the SOAPFault object. The following code creates a SOAP fault object and sets the faultcode, faultstring, and faultactor attributes:

SOAPFault fault;
reply = factory.createMessage();
envp = reply.getSOAPPart().getEnvelope(true);
someBody = envp.getBody();
fault = someBody.addFault():
fault.setFaultString("Some Server Error");

The server can return this object in its reply to an incoming SOAP message in case of a server error.

The next code sample shows how to define a detail and detail entry object. Note that you must create a name for the detail entry object.

SOAPFault fault = someBody.addFault();
fault.setFaultString ("Unkown error");
Detail myDetail = fault.addDetail();
detail.addDetailEntry(envelope.createName("125detail", "m",
        "Someuri")).addTextNode("the message cannot contain
         the string //");