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Oracle Secure Global Desktop Gateway Administration Guide for Version 4.6

Document Information


1.  Installing the SGD Gateway

2.  Configuring the SGD Gateway

Deploying the SGD Gateway

Basic Deployment

Load-Balanced Deployment

SGD Gateway Configuration Tasks

Client Device to SGD Gateway Connections

How to Configure the Ports and Connections for the SGD Gateway

How to Install an SSL Certificate for Client Connections Into the Client Keystore

SGD Gateway to SGD Server Connections

How to Install SGD Server Certificates

How to Install SGD Gateway Certificates on the SGD Array

How to Configure SGD Client Connections

Client Device to Load Balancer Connections

Load Balancer to SGD Gateway Connections

Controlling the SGD Gateway

Starting the SGD Gateway

Stopping the SGD Gateway

Restarting the SGD Gateway

Removing the SGD Gateway

How To Remove the SGD Gateway

A.  SGD Gateway Architecture Overview

B.  Command-Line Reference

C.  Advanced Configuration

D.  Troubleshooting the SGD Gateway

Chapter 2

Configuring the SGD Gateway

This chapter describes how to configure the Oracle Secure Global Desktop Gateway (SGD Gateway) for typical deployment scenarios. How to start and stop the SGD Gateway is also covered in this chapter, along with instructions on how to remove the SGD Gateway software.

This chapter includes the following topics: