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Oracle Secure Global Desktop Gateway Administration Guide for Version 4.6

Document Information


1.  Installing the SGD Gateway

About the SGD Gateway

System Requirements

Known Issues

Performing the Installation

How To Install the SGD Gateway

Upgrading the SGD Gateway

How to Upgrade the SGD Gateway

2.  Configuring the SGD Gateway

A.  SGD Gateway Architecture Overview

B.  Command-Line Reference

C.  Advanced Configuration

D.  Troubleshooting the SGD Gateway

About the SGD Gateway

The SGD Gateway is a proxy server designed to be deployed in front of an SGD array in a demilitarized zone (DMZ). This enables the SGD array to be located on the internal network of an organization. Additionally, all connections can be authenticated in the DMZ before any connections are made to the SGD servers in the array.

Using the SGD Gateway is an alternative to running your SGD servers with firewall traversal, also called firewall forwarding.

The SGD Gateway manages load balancing of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) connections, so you do not need to use the JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology load balancing page included with SGD.