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Oracle Secure Global Desktop User Guide for Version 4.6

Document Information


1.  Using Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Logging In

User Names and Passwords

How to Log In to SGD

Potentially Unsafe Connection Message

How To Deal With a Potentially Unsafe Connection Message

The SGD Webtop

Menu Bar

Applications Area

Printing Area

Information Area

User Name

Secure Connection Status

Using Applications

Running Applications

Number of Instances of an Application

What If I Get an Error Message When Starting an Application?

What If a Chooser Page is Displayed When I Start an Application?

Suspending and Resuming Applications

Session Toolbars for Controlling an Application

Resumability Settings for Applications

Do I Lose My Work If I Close My Browser?

Changing the Way an Application is Displayed

Copying Information Between Applications

Running Applications Using a Different User Name and Password

Using a Single-Button Apple Macintosh Mouse


Managing Your Print Jobs

Printing From UNIX Platform Applications

Printing from UNIX Platform Applications to UNIX, Linux, or Mac OS X Platform Computers

Printing from UNIX Platform Applications to a Windows Computer

Printing From Windows Applications

Printing from Windows Applications to UNIX, Linux, or Mac OS X Platform Computers

Printing from Windows Applications to a Windows Computer

PDF Printing

Using PDF Printing

Printing Troubleshooting

Changing Your Settings

Client Settings

Editing Profiles

Application Groups

How To Create a Group

Using SGD From Your Desktop Start or Launch Menu

How to Add SGD to Your Desktop Start or Launch Menu

Working With the Start or Launch Menu

Logging In

Displaying a Webtop

Running Applications


Using Application Groups

Using My Desktop

Logging Out

Logging Out of the SGD Webtop

Logging Out Using the Start or Launch Menu

A.  Installing the SGD Client Manually

B.  Advanced Configuration

C.  Profile Settings



Using My Desktop

My Desktop is a feature that enables you to log in and display a full-screen desktop application, without displaying your webtop.

My Desktop displays the desktop application configured for you by an SGD Administrator, for example, a Microsoft Windows desktop.

You start My Desktop by clicking the My Desktop link on the SGD web server Welcome page, at http://server.example.com. This link displays the SGD Login page. Once you have logged in, the My Desktop full-screen desktop application is displayed.

An alternative way to start My Desktop is by going to http://server.example.com/sgd/mydesktop.

After starting My Desktop, you can close the browser window.

Note - You cannot suspend or resume your My Desktop application. You must log out of the desktop application as normal.

If you have paused print jobs, a message which enables you to resume printing is displayed in the browser window when you log in.