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Oracle Secure Global Desktop Administration Guide for Version 4.6

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1.  Networking and Security

2.  User Authentication

3.  Publishing Applications to Users

Organizations and Objects

Organizational Hierarchies

User Profiles Tab

Applications Tab

Application Servers Tab

The System Objects Organization

SGD Object Types

Directory Object: Organization

Directory (Light) Object: Domain Component

Directory Object: Organizational Unit

Directory (Light) Object: Active Directory Container

User Profile Object

Group Object

Windows Application Object

X Application Object

Character Application Object

Document Object

3270 Application Object

5250 Application Object

Dynamic Application Object

Application Server Object

Dynamic Application Server Object

Designing the Organizational Hierarchy

Naming Objects in the Organizational Hierarchy

Populating the SGD Organizational Hierarchy Using a Batch Script

LDAP Mirroring

An Example of LDAP Mirroring

Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Active Directory

SGD Administrators

How To Add an SGD Administrator

How To Remove an SGD Administrator

Publishing Applications

Local Assignments

How to Assign Application Servers to Applications

How to Assign Applications to Users

LDAP Assignments

How to Assign Applications to LDAP Users

How to Assign Applications to Members of LDAP Groups

How to Assign Applications Using LDAP Searches

Using LDAP Searches

Using the Simple Search

Using the Advanced Search

Reviewing Assignments

Tuning LDAP Group Searches

Increasing the Group Search Depth

Group Membership Attributes

Short Attributes

Managing the Directory Services Cache

Troubleshooting LDAP Assignments

4.  Configuring Applications

5.  Client Device Support

6.  SGD Client and Webtop

7.  SGD Servers, Arrays, and Load Balancing

A.  Global Settings and Caches

B.  Secure Global Desktop Server Settings

C.  User Profiles, Applications, and Application Servers

D.  Commands

E.  Login Scripts

F.  Third-Party Legal Notices



Chapter 3

Publishing Applications to Users

This chapter describes how you use organizational hierarchies to manage Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) users and give them access to applications.

This chapter includes the following topics: