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Oracle Secure Global Desktop Administration Guide for Version 4.6

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1.  Networking and Security

2.  User Authentication

3.  Publishing Applications to Users

4.  Configuring Applications

5.  Client Device Support

6.  SGD Client and Webtop

The SGD Client

Overview of the SGD Client

Configuring the SGD Client

The SGD Client Helper

Installing the SGD Client

Automatic Installation of the SGD Client

How to Enable Automatic Installation for Roaming User Profiles

Manual Installation of the SGD Client

Running the SGD Client From the Command Line

Command-Line Examples

Starting the SGD Client Without Any Arguments

Connecting to a Particular SGD Server

Overriding the Login URL

Web Services Developer Options

Using SGD Without Java Technology

How to Use SGD Without Java Technology

Client Profiles

Client Profiles and the SGD Client

Managing Client Profiles

How to Configure Client Profile Editing for Users

Client Profile Settings

About the Profile Cache

Microsoft Windows Users With Roaming User Profiles

Integrated Mode

Working in Integrated Mode

Setting Up the SGD Client for Integrated Mode

Authentication Token Authentication

How Authentication Token Authentication Works

User Identity and User Profile

Authentication Tokens and Security

How to Enable Authentication Token Authentication

Administering Authentication Tokens

Troubleshooting Automatic Logins

Configuring the Client Profile for Integrated Mode

Configuring Applications for Integrated Mode


Setting the Language for the Webtop

Overriding the Default Language for the Webtop

7.  SGD Servers, Arrays, and Load Balancing

A.  Global Settings and Caches

B.  Secure Global Desktop Server Settings

C.  User Profiles, Applications, and Application Servers

D.  Commands

E.  Login Scripts

F.  Third-Party Legal Notices



Chapter 6

SGD Client and Webtop

This chapter describes how to install, configure, and run the Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) Client. Webtop configuration is also covered.

This chapter includes the following topics: