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Oracle Secure Global Desktop Platform Support and Release Notes for Version 4.61

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1.  New Features and Changes

2.  System Requirements and Support

3.  Known Issues, Bug Fixes, and Documentation Issues

Known Bugs and Issues

2205237 - Seamless Windows Display Problems When Restarting a Disconnected Session

6456278 - Integrated Mode Does Not Work for the Root User

6482912 - SGD Client Not Installed Automatically

6555834 - Java Technology is Enabled For Browser But Is Not Installed On Client Device

6598048 - French Canadian Keyboard Not Mapped Correctly for Windows Applications

6665330 - Font Errors When Starting VirtualBox Software From a Java Desktop System Session Displayed Using MyDesktop

6801579 - Kana Mode Unavailable for Solaris OS Applications on Microsoft Windows Client Devices

6809365 - Application Start Failures and Quotation Marks in the User's DN

6831480 - Backup Primaries List Command Returns an Error

6863153 - HyperTerminal Application Hangs in a Relocated Windows Desktop Session

6921995 - Load-Balancing JSP Does Not Work When Java Technology is Not Available

6937146 - Audio Unavailable for X Applications Hosted on 64-Bit Linux Application Servers

6942981 - Application Startup is Slow on Solaris 10 OS Trusted Extensions

6957820 - SGD Client Hangs When Using Smart Card Authentication for Windows Applications

6961236 - Error Messages in Tomcat Log

6962970 - Windows Client Device Uses Multiple CALs

6963320 - Cannot Connect to SGD Using Version 4.5 of the SGD Gateway, or Using an Upgraded Version 4.6 Gateway

6969404 - PDF Printing Issue on Solaris 10 OS Platforms

6970615 - SecurID Authentication Fails for X Applications

6974464 - Kiosk Mode Display Issue on Ubuntu Clients

6979110 - Localized Documentation Not Available

7004887 - Print to File Fails for Windows Client Devices

7014475 - LDAP Login Filters Are Not Preserved on Upgrade

7020250 - Audio Module Install Fails on 64-Bit SUSE Linux Platforms

7022104 - Automatic Configuration of Secure Connections Fails on an Upgraded Server

12309146 - Administrators Unable to Search Parent OUs in Active Directory

12309185 - Cached LDAP Passwords Fail After an Upgrade

12309385 - Gateway Protocol Translation Fails from HTTPS to HTTP

12309559 - Java Detection Fails When Using Internet Explorer 9

Sun Type 7 Japanese Keyboard Issues

Start Menu Items Not Sorted Alphabetically

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Applications Limited to 8-Bit Color Depth for Large Screen Resolutions

Bug Fixes in Version 4.61

Bug Fixes in Version 4.60

Bug Fixes in Version 4.50

Documentation Issues in Version 4.60

Client Profile Setting for Spanning Multiple Monitors

Correction to the "Array Resilience" Section

Correction to the "Dynamic Launch" Section

Editing a List of Attributes From the Command Line

Incorrect Documentation URL and Customer Feedback Email Address

Deprecated --force Option Included in the Documentation

Correction to the "SGD Remote Desktop Client" Section

Avoiding Port Conflicts for the X Protocol Engine

Correction to --suffix-mappings Option Documentation

Correction for tarantella object new_windowsapp Command

Documentation for tarantella config reload Command

tarantella config reload




Correction for the Windows Audio Sound Quality Attribute

Correction to "Upgrading the SGD Gateway"

Correction to Printing Troubleshooting Topic

Chapter 3

Known Issues, Bug Fixes, and Documentation Issues

This chapter contains information about known is#sues, bug fixes, and documentation issues for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD).

Topics in this chapter include the following: