The SIP Servlet Tutorial

Required Software

The following software is required to run the examples.

Java Platform, Standard Edition

To build, deploy, and run the examples, you need a copy of Java Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 (Java SE 5.0) or higher. You can download the Java SE 5.0 software from Download the current JDK update that does not include any other software (such as the NetBeans IDE or Java EE).

Communications Application Server 1.5

Communications Application Server 1.5 is targeted as the build and runtime environment for the tutorial examples. Communications Application Server 1.5 is based on the GlassFish and SailFin open-source projects.

NetBeans IDE

The NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE) is a free, open-source IDE for developing Java programming language applications, including enterprise applications. NetBeans IDE supports the Java EE 5 platform. You can build, package, deploy, and run the tutorial examples from within NetBeans IDE.

SIP Modules for NetBeans IDE

Integrate the SailFin plug-in modules, which add SIP application development functionality to NetBeans IDE. The modules are bundled with Communications Application Server 1.5.

  1. In NetBeans IDE, select Tools->Plugins.

  2. Click the Downloaded tab and click Add Plugins.

  3. Navigate to the Install/tools/netbeans directory and select all the files in this directory.

  4. Click Install, then Next.

  5. Select I Agree in the License Agreement window and click Install.

  6. Click Continue to install the unsigned modules, then click Finish.

Sample Applications

The tutorial uses several sample applications available on the SailFin website.

  1. Go to the following URL:

  2. Follow the instructions to download the SipProxy and SIP Servlet 1.1 Click-To-Dial sample applications.

SIPp Test Application

SIPp is an application to test SIP clients and servers. It is available from

X-Lite Soft Phone

X-Lite is a free multi-platform soft phone used in the examples. It is available from

Apache Ant

Ant is a Java technology-based build tool developed by the Apache Software Foundation (, and is used to build, package, and deploy the tutorial examples. Ant is included with the Communications Application Server 1.5. To use the ant command, add JAVAEE_HOME/lib/ant/bin to your PATH environment variable.