The SIP Servlet Tutorial

Building the Examples

The tutorial examples are distributed with a configuration file for either NetBeans IDE or Ant. Directions for building the examples are provided in each chapter. Either NetBeans IDE or Ant may be used to build, package, deploy, and run the examples.

ProcedureBuilding the Examples Using NetBeans IDE

To run the tutorial examples in NetBeans IDE, you must register your Communications Application Server 1.5 installation as a NetBeans Server Instance. Follow these instructions to register the Communications Application Server 1.5 in NetBeans IDE.

  1. Select Tools-->Server Manager to open the Server Manager dialog.

  2. Click Add Server.

  3. Under Server, select Sun Java System Application Server and click Next.

  4. Under Platform Location, enter the location of your Application Server installation.

  5. Select Register Local Default Domain and click Next.

  6. Under Admin Username and Admin Password, enter the admin name and password created when you installed the Application Server.

  7. Click Finish.