Sun GlassFish Communications Server 1.5 Release Notes

ProcedureTo Use the Update Center

To ensure explicit agreement of the automated update, the Update Center is disabled by default. To enable the Update Center to perform periodic checks and automated updates:

  1. Start the Update Center.

    • On Unix: <installdir>/updatecenter/bin/updatetool

    • On Windows: <installdir>\updatecenter\bin\updatetool.bat

  2. Select the Preferences tab.

  3. In the Update Scheduling window, change the Check for Updates drop-down box value from Never (Manual) to a desired value. For example, daily or weekly.

  4. Specify the desired day of the week and time of the day for the update.

  5. Select the Save button to save your changes.

    The Update Center will now automatically check for SailFin or Communications Server component updates according to the schedule specified. When an update is available, the Update Center will launch and notify you of the component available to update.