Sun GlassFish Communications Server 1.5 Release Notes

JDK Version

The minimum (and certified) version of JDK required for Communications Server is 1.6.0_7.

ProcedureTo Switch to the Supported Java SE Version

You can switch to a supported Java SE version by editing the asenv file as described here.

  1. If you have not already done so, install the new Java SE version on your system.

    The Java SE SDK can be downloaded from

  2. Stop the Communications Server domains.

  3. Edit the as-install/config/asenv.conf file (asenv.bat on Windows), changing the value for AS_JAVA to point to the new Java home directory:

  4. Edit the as-install/samples/ file, changing the line beginning com.sun.aas.javaRoot... to reference the new Java home directory.

  5. Restart Communications Server.