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iPlanet Web Proxy Server 3.6 Web Proxy Server 3.6 Installation Guide


Welcome to iPlanet Web Proxy Server and the Internet. iPlanet provides open software that lets people and companies exchange information and conduct commerce over the Internet and other global networks. iPlanet Web Proxy Server is a high-performance server software product designed for replicating and filtering access to web-based content.

What's in This Book?

This book provides information about the software and hardware required to install your proxy server. It also tells you how to deploy and install your server.

Conventions Used in This Book

These conventions are used in this book:

Monospaced font. Monospaced type is used for text that you should type. It is also used for examples of code, directories, and file names.

Italic. Italic text is used to introduce new terms.

|. The vertical bar is used as a separator for user interface elements. For example, "choose Server Status|Log Preferences" means you click the Server Status button in the Server Manager and then click the Log Preferences link.

Contacting Technical Support

For product-specific Technical Support assistance, please see the Product Support Page for iPlanet Web Proxy Server at:

For general Technical Support assistance, please see the iPlanet Technical Support Page at:

Other useful iPlanet information can be found at the following Internet locations:

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