Sun Cluster Data Service for Sun Java System Application Server Guide for Solaris OS

Example—Registering and Configuring the admin-server as a Failover Data Service

This example shows how the admin-server can be configured as part of the failover resource group created in the above example.

Cluster Information
Node names: phys-schost-1, phys-schost-2
Logical hostname: schost-1
Resource group: appsrv-rg (for all resources)
Resources: schost-1 (logical hostname), 
(Create a Sun Java System Application Server resource and add it to the resource group.)
# scrgadm -a -j admin-rs -g appserv-rg \
-t SUNW.s1as \
-y Network_resources_used=schost-1 \
-y Port_list=4848/tcp \
-x Confdir_list=/global/appsrv/domains/scdomain/admin-server \
-x Monitor_Uri_List=http://schost-1:4848