Sun Cluster Data Service for Sun Java System Web Server Guide for Solaris OS

Example – Registering Failover Sun Cluster HA for Sun Java System Web Server

The following example shows how to register a failover Sun Cluster HA for Sun Java System Web Server service on a two-node cluster.

Cluster Information
Node names: phys-schost-1, phys-schost-2
Logical hostname: schost-1
Resource group: resource-group-1 (for all resources) 
Resources: schost-1 (logical hostname), Sun-app-insecure-1 (insecure application 
application resource), Sun-app-secure-1 (secure application resource)
(Add the resource group to contain all resources.)
# scrgadm -a -g resource-group-1
(Add the logical hostname resource to the resource group.)
# scrgadm -a -L -g resource-group-1 -l schost-1 
(Register the resource type for the Sun Cluster HA for Sun Java System Web Server.)
# scrgadm -a -t SUNW.iws
(Add an insecure application resource instance.)
# scrgadm -a -j Sun-app-insecure-1 -g resource-group-1 -t SUNW.iws \
-x Confdir_list=/opt/SunONE/conf -y Scalable=False \
-y Network_resources_used=schost-1 -y Port_list=80/tcp\ 

(Add a secure application resource instance.)
# scrgadm -a -j Sun-app-secure-1 -g resource-group-1 -t SUNW.iws \ 
-x Confdir_List=/opt/SunONE/https-Sun-app-secure-1 -y Scalable=False \
-y Network_resources_used=schost-1 -y Port_list=443/tcp \ 

(Bring the failover resource group online.)
# scswitch -Z -g resource-group-1