Sun Cluster Data Service for WebLogic Server Guide for Solaris OS

START Method

Before starting the BEA WebLogic Server configured in the resource, the BEA WebLogic Server configuration and the resource extension properties are validated. If the db_probe_script extension property is set, the database is probed by invoking the script set in the extension property. If the database is up, the BEA WebLogic Server is started by invoking the START script configured in the extension property Start_script under pmf. If the database is not up, the START method will return success and let the probe method handle the starting of the BEA WebLogic Server. The probe method will wait until the database is up to start the BEA WebLogic Server, as explained in Probing Algorithm and Functionality.

After launching the START script under pmf, the START method waits until the BEA WebLogic Server is in RUNNING mode before declaring the START method as successful. While waiting for the BEA WebLogic Server to start up, the probe method tries to connect to the server to check if it is up. There will be some messages displayed on the console during start up. The message “Failed to connect to host logical-host-1 and port 7001: Connection refused” will continue to be displayed until the BEA WebLogic Server starts up completely. Once the BEA WebLogic Server is in the RUNNING mode, the START method sets the status to “Started Successfully”.