Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 With Fibre Channel JBOD Storage Device Manual

ProcedureHow to Remove a Storage Array

Use this procedure to remove a storage array from a cluster. Example 1–2 shows you how to apply this procedure. Use the procedures in your server hardware manual to identify the storage array.

  1. Perform volume management administration to remove the storage array from the configuration.

    For more information, see your Solstice DiskSuite/Solaris Volume Manager or VERITAS Volume Manager documentation.

  2. On all nodes that are connected to the storage array, run the luxadm remove_device command.

    # luxadm remove_device -F boxname
  3. Remove the storage array and the fiber-optic cables that are connected to the storage array.

    For more information, see your storage documentation. For a list of storage documentation, see Related Documentation.

    Note –

    If you are using your storage arrays in a SAN-configured cluster, you must keep two FC switches configured in parallel. This configuration maintains cluster availability. See SAN Solutions in a Sun Cluster Environment in Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 Hardware Administration Manual for Solaris OS for more information.

  4. On all nodes, remove references to the storage array.

    # devfsadm -C
    # scdidadm -C
  5. If necessary, remove any unused host adapters from the nodes.

    For the procedure about how to remove host adapters, see the documentation that shipped with your nodes.

Example 1–2 Removing a Sun StorEdge A5x00 Storage Array

The following example shows how to remove a Sun StorEdge A5x00 storage array. The storage array to be removed is venus1.

# luxadm remove_device -F venus1
WARNING!!! Please ensure that no file systems are mounted on these device(s).
 All data on these devices should have been backed up.

The list of devices that will be removed is:
  1: Storage Array:    venus1
     Node WWN:    123456789abcdeff
     Device Type: SENA (SES device)
     SES Paths:
      /devices/nodes@1/sbus@1f,0/SUNW,socal@1,0/sf@0,0/	\
      /devices/nodes@1/sbus@1f,0/SUNW,socal@1,0/sf@1,0/	\

Please verify the above list of devices and
then enter 'c' or <CR> to Continue or 'q' to Quit. [Default: c]: <Return>

Hit <Return> after removing the device(s). <Return>

# devfsadm -C
# scdidadm -C