Sun Cluster Concepts Guide for Solaris OS

Using Cluster File Systems

In the SunPlex system, all multihost disks are placed into disk device groups, which can be Solaris Volume Manager disksets, VxVM disk groups, or individual disks that are not under control of a software-based volume manager.

For a cluster file system to be highly available, the underlying disk storage must be connected to more than one node. Therefore, a local file system (a file system that is stored on a node's local disk) that is made into a cluster file system is not highly available.

As with normal file systems, you can mount cluster file systems in two ways:

Note –

While Sun Cluster software does not impose a naming policy for cluster file systems, you can ease administration by creating a mount point for all cluster file systems under the same directory, such as /global/disk-device-group. See Sun Cluster 3.1 9/04 Software Collection for Solaris OS (SPARC Platform Edition) and Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS for more information.