Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

How to Configure Internet Protocol (IP) Network Multipathing Groups

Perform this task on each node of the cluster. If you used SunPlex Installer to install Sun Cluster HA for Apache or Sun Cluster HA for NFS, SunPlex Installer configured IP Network Multipathing groups for the public-network adapters those data services use. You must configure IP Network Multipathing groups for the remaining public-network adapters.

Note –

All public-network adapters must belong to an IP Network Multipathing group.

  1. Have available your completed Public Networks Worksheet.

  2. Configure IP Network Multipathing groups.

    Perform procedures for IPv4 addresses in “Deploying Network Multipathing” in IP Network Multipathing Administration Guide (Solaris 8) or “Administering Network Multipathing (Task)” in System Administration Guide: IP Services (Solaris 9).

    Follow these additional requirements to configure IP Network Multipathing groups in a Sun Cluster configuration:

    • Each public network adapter must belong to a multipathing group.

    • For multipathing groups that contain two or more adapters, you must configure a test IP address for each adapter in the group. If a multipathing group contains only one adapter, you do not need to configure a test IP address.

    • Test IP addresses for all adapters in the same multipathing group must belong to a single IP subnet.

    • Test IP addresses must not be used by normal applications because the test IP addresses are not highly available.

    • In the /etc/default/mpathd file, the value of TRACK_INTERFACES_ONLY_WITH_GROUPS must be yes.

    • The name of a multipathing group has no requirements or restrictions.

  3. If you want to change any private hostnames, go to How to Change Private Hostnames.

  4. If you did not install your own /etc/inet/ntp.conf file before you installed Sun Cluster software, install or create the NTP configuration file.

    Go to How to Configure Network Time Protocol (NTP).

  5. If you are using Sun Cluster on a SPARC based system and you want to use Sun Management Center to monitor the cluster, install the Sun Cluster module for Sun Management Center.

    Go to SPARC: Installing the Sun Cluster Module for Sun Management Center.

  6. Install third-party applications, register resource types, set up resource groups, and configure data services.

    Follow procedures in the Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS as well as in the documentation that is supplied with your application software.