Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

How to Install Data-Service Software Packages (scinstall)

Note –

You do not need to perform this procedure if you used SunPlex Installer to install Sun Cluster HA for NFS or Sun Cluster HA for Apache or both and if you do not intend to install any other data services. Instead, go to How to Perform Postinstallation Setup and Configure Quorum Devices.

Perform this task on each cluster node to install data services. If you install data services from the earlier Sun Cluster 3.1 10/03 release or compatible, you can alternatively use the installer program to install the packages. See How to Install Data-Service Software Packages (installer).

  1. Become superuser on the cluster node.

  2. Load the Sun Cluster 3.1 9/04 Agents CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive on the node.

    If the volume management daemon vold(1M) is running and is configured to manage CD-ROM devices, the daemon automatically mounts the CD-ROM on the /cdrom/cdrom0/ directory.

  3. Change to the directory where the CD-ROM is mounted.

    # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/

  4. Start the scinstall(1M) utility.

    # scinstall

  5. Follow these guidelines to use the interactive scinstall utility:

    • Interactive scinstall enables you to type ahead. Therefore, do not press the Return key more than once if the next menu screen does not appear immediately.

    • Unless otherwise noted, you can press Control-D to return to either the start of a series of related questions or to the Main Menu.

    • Default answers or answers to previous sessions are displayed in brackets ([ ]) at the end of a question. Press Return to enter the response that is in brackets without typing it.

  6. From the Main Menu, choose the menu item, Add support for new data services to this cluster node.

  7. Follow the prompts to select the data services to install.

    You must install the same set of data-service packages on each node. This requirement applies even if a node is not expected to host resources for an installed data service.

  8. After the data services are installed, quit the scinstall utility.

  9. Change to a directory that does not reside on the CD-ROM and eject the CD-ROM.

    # eject cdrom

  10. Install any Sun Cluster data-service patches.

    See “Patches and Required Firmware Levels” in Sun Cluster 3.1 Release Notes for the location of patches and installation instructions.

    You do not have to reboot after you install Sun Cluster data-service patches unless a reboot is specified by the patch special instructions. If a patch instruction requires that you reboot, perform the following steps:

    1. From one node, shut down the cluster by using the scshutdown(1M) command.

    2. Reboot each node in the cluster.

    Note –

    Until cluster installation mode is disabled, only the first-installed node, which established the cluster, has a quorum vote. In an established multiple-node cluster which is still in installation mode, if the cluster is not shut down before the first-installed node is rebooted, the remaining cluster nodes cannot obtain quorum. This inability to obtain quorum causes the entire cluster to shut down.

    Cluster nodes remain in installation mode until you run the scsetup(1M) command, during the procedure How to Perform Postinstallation Setup and Configure Quorum Devices.

  11. Determine your next step.