Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

How to Install Sun Cluster Software Packages

Note –

If you enable remote shell (rsh(1M)) or secure shell (ssh(1)) access for superuser to all cluster nodes, you do not have to perform this procedure. Instead, go to How to Configure Sun Cluster Software on All Nodes (scinstall). In that procedure, the scinstall(1M) utility automatically installs Sun Cluster framework software on all cluster nodes.

However, if you need to install any Sun Cluster software packages in addition to the framework software, install those packages from the Sun Cluster 3.1 9/04 CD-ROM. Do this task before you start the scinstall utility. You can install those additional Sun Cluster packages by using the pkgadd(1M) command or by using the installer(1M) program as described in the following procedure.

Perform this procedure on each node in the cluster to install the Sun Cluster software packages.

  1. Ensure that the Solaris OS is installed to support Sun Cluster software.

    If Solaris software is already installed on the node, you must ensure that the Solaris installation meets the requirements for Sun Cluster software and any other software that you intend to install on the cluster. See How to Install Solaris Software for more information about installing Solaris software to meet Sun Cluster software requirements.

  2. Become superuser on the cluster node to install.

  3. Install Sun Web Console packages.

    These packages are required by Sun Cluster software, even if you do not use Sun Web Console.

    1. Insert the Sun Cluster 3.1 9/04 CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.

    2. Change to the /cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_arch/Product/sun_web_console/2.1/ directory, where arch is sparc or x86.

    3. Run the setup command.

      # ./setup

      The setup command installs all packages to support Sun Web Console.

  4. (Optional) To use the installer program with a GUI, ensure that the DISPLAY environment variable is set.

  5. Change to the root directory of the CD-ROM, where the installer program resides.

    # cd /cdrom/cdrom0/

  6. Start the installer program.

    # ./installer

  7. Choose Typical or Custom installation.

    • Choose Typical to install the default set of Sun Cluster framework software packages.

    • Choose Custom to specify additional Sun Cluster software packages to install, such as packages that support other languages, the RSMAPI, and SCI-PCI adapters.

  8. Follow instructions on the screen to install Sun Cluster software on the node.

    After installation is finished, you can view any available installation log.

  9. Change to a directory that does not reside on the CD-ROM and eject the CD-ROM.

    # eject cdrom

  10. Configure Sun Cluster software on the cluster nodes.