Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

SPARC: How to Add a Cluster Node as a Sun Management Center Agent Host Object

Perform this procedure to create a Sun Management Center agent host object for a cluster node.

Note –

You need only one cluster node host object to use Sun Cluster–module monitoring and configuration functions for the entire cluster. However, if that cluster node becomes unavailable, connection to the cluster through that host object also becomes unavailable. Then you need another cluster-node host object to reconnect to the cluster.

  1. From the Sun Management Center main window, select a domain from the Sun Management Center Administrative Domains pull-down list.

    This domain contains the Sun Management Center agent host object that you create. During Sun Management Center software installation, a Default Domain was automatically created for you. You can use this domain, select another existing domain, or create a new domain.

    See your Sun Management Center documentation for information about how to create Sun Management Center domains.

  2. Choose Edit⇒Create an Object from the pull-down menu.

  3. Click the Node tab.

  4. From the Monitor Via pull-down list, select Sun Management Center Agent - Host.

  5. Fill in the name of the cluster node, for example, phys-schost-1, in the Node Label and Hostname text fields.

    Leave the IP text field blank. The Description text field is optional.

  6. In the Port text field, type the port number that you chose when you installed the Sun Management Center agent machine.

  7. Click OK.

    A Sun Management Center agent host object is created in the domain.

  8. Load the Sun Cluster module.

    Go to SPARC: How to Load the Sun Cluster Module.