Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

Private Network

Note –

You do not need to configure a private network for a single-node cluster.

Sun Cluster software uses the private network for internal communication between nodes. A Sun Cluster configuration requires at least two connections to the cluster interconnect on the private network. You specify the private-network address and netmask when you configure Sun Cluster software on the first node of the cluster. You can either accept the default private-network address ( and netmask ( or type different choices if the default network address is already in use elsewhere in the same enterprise.

Note –

After the installation utility (scinstall, SunPlex Installer, or JumpStart) has finished processing and the cluster is established, you cannot change the private-network address and netmask. You must uninstall and reinstall the cluster software to use a different private-network address or netmask.

If you specify a private-network address other than the default, the address must meet the following requirements:

Although the scinstall utility lets you specify an alternate netmask, best practice is to accept the default netmask, There is no benefit if you specify a netmask that represents a larger network. And the scinstall utility does not accept a netmask that represents a smaller network.

See “Planning Your TCP/IP Network” in System Administration Guide, Volume 3 (Solaris 8) or “Planning Your TCP/IP Network (Task)” in System Administration Guide: IP Services (Solaris 9) for more information about private networks.