Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

File-System Logging

Logging is required for UFS and VxFS cluster file systems. This requirement does not apply to QFS shared file systems. Sun Cluster software supports the following choices of file-system logging:

The following table lists the file-system logging supported by each volume manager.

Table 1–6 Supported File System Logging Matrix

Volume Manager 

Supported File System Logging  

Solstice DiskSuite or Solaris Volume Manager 

  • Solaris UFS logging

  • Solstice DiskSuite trans-metadevice logging

  • Solaris Volume Manager transactional-volume logging

  • VxFS logging

SPARC: VERITAS Volume Manager 

  • Solaris UFS logging

  • VxFS logging

Consider the following points when you choose between Solaris UFS logging and Solstice DiskSuite trans-metadevice logging/Solaris Volume Manager transactional-volume logging for UFS cluster file systems: