Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

Example—Sample File

The following sample file defines the disk set that is named dg-schost-1. The ordering of lines in the file is not important.

dg-schost-1/d0 -m dg-schost-1/d10 dg-schost-1/d20
    dg-schost-1/d10 1 1 /dev/did/rdsk/d1s0
    dg-schost-1/d20 1 1 /dev/did/rdsk/d2s0

The following example uses Solstice DiskSuite terminology. For Solaris Volume Manager, a trans metadevice is instead called a transactional volume and a metadevice is instead called a volume. Otherwise, the following process is valid for both volume managers.

The sample file is constructed as follows.

  1. The first line defines the device d0 as a mirror of metadevices d10 and d20. The -m signifies that this device is a mirror device.

    dg-schost-1/d0 -m dg-schost-1/d0 dg-schost-1/d20

  2. The second line defines metadevice d10, the first submirror of d0, as a one-way stripe.

    dg-schost-1/d10 1 1 /dev/did/rdsk/d1s0

  3. The third line defines metadevice d20, the second submirror of d0, as a one-way stripe.

    dg-schost-1/d20 1 1 /dev/did/rdsk/d2s0