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Sun Java(TM) System Directory Server 5.2 2005Q1 Deployment Planning Guide 

List of Tables

Table 2-1   Application Data Needs       
Table 2-2   Information Sources       
Table 2-3   Directory Data Characteristics       
Table 2-4   Data Tracking Table Example for Site Survey Documentation Purposes       
Table 3-1   Data Mapped to Default Directory Schema       
Table 4-1   Traditional DN Branch Point Attributes       
Table 4-2   Common RDN Keywords Used in DNs       
Table 4-3   Common User and Group Directory Attributes       
Table 6-1   Replication Backward Compatibility With Different Directory Server Versions       
Table 8-1   Source of Database Monitoring Information in cn=config       
Table 9-1   Single Data Center - Failure Matrix       
Table 10-1   Minimum Disk Space and Memory Requirements       
Table 10-2   Values for Sizing Memory for Directory Server       

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