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Sun Java System Access Manager 6 2005Q1 Technical Overview 


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Chapter 1   Overview of Access Manager
An Identity Management Paradigm
The Problem
The Solution
How Access Manager Works
Identity Administration
Access Management
Service Management
Federation Management
Access Manager Architecture
Sun Java System Directory Server
Access Manager Components
What’s New in This Release

Chapter 2   Identity Management
Basic Directory Server Concepts
Overview of the Directory Tree
Directory Entries and the Base DN
Directory Server Schema
Static and Dynamic Groups
Managed and Filtered Roles
How Access Manager Works with Directory Server
Access Manager Objects Are Added to Directory
People Containers
Group Containers
Delegated Administration and Self-Registration
Identity Management Interfaces

Chapter 3   Access Management
Basic Authentication Concepts
Authentication Modules
Active Directory Authentication Module
Anonymous Authentication Module
Certificate Authentication Module
HTTP Basic Authentication Module
JDBC Authentication Module
LDAP Authentication Module
Membership Authentication Module
MSISDN Authentication Module
RADIUS Authentication Module
SAML Authentication Module
SafeWord Authentication Module
SecurID Authentication Module
UNIX® Authentication Module
Windows Desktop SSO Module
Windows NT Authentication Module
Authentication Services
Core Authentication Service
Authentication Configuration Service
Client Detection
Authentication Types
Redirection URLs
Account Locking
Authentication Module Chaining
Fully Qualified Domain Name Mapping
Persistent Cookie
Session Upgrade
Validation Plug-in Interface
JAAS Shared State
Authentication Interfaces
User Interface
Programming Interfaces
Policy Management and Configuration
Policy Framework
Policy Configuration
Policy Agents
Policy Types
Conditional Policy
Referral Policy
Policy Management Architecture
Single Sign-On
Cross-Domain Single Sign-On
Policy Agents
Cross-Domain Controller

Chapter 4   Services Management
How Services Work in Access Manager
Core Services
Service Plug-Ins
Attribute Types
Dynamic Attributes
User Attributes
Organization Attributes
Global Attributes
Policy Attributes
Identity Server Core Services
Authentication Configuration
Client Detection
Password Reset
Policy Configuration
The Service Configuration Interface

Chapter 5   Federation Management
The Need for Federated Identities
The Liberty Alliance Project
The Circle of Trust
Federation Management Architecture
Identity Federation Framework
Identity Web Services Framework
Identity Service Instance Specifications (ID-SIS)
Supporting Components
The Federation Management Process
Federation Single Sign-On Process
Pre-Login Process
System Flow



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