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Sun Java System Access Manager 6 2005Q1 Migration Guide 


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Who Should Use This Guide
Before You Read This Guide
How This Guide Is Organized
Conventions Used in This Guide
Typographic Conventions
Default Paths and File Names
Shell Prompts
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Books in This Documentation Set
Access Manager Policy Agent Documentation
Other Server Documentation
Accessing Sun Resources Online
Contacting Sun Technical Support
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Chapter 1   Introduction
Access Manager Upgrade Roadmap

Chapter 2   Upgrading to Access Manager 6 2005Q1
Before You Begin the Access Manager Upgrade
Obtain the Java Enterprise System 2005Q1 Installation Software
Obtain All Required Patches
Back Up Your Directory Server Data
Back Up Any Web Container Customized Files
Upgrade the Shared Components
Upgrade the Web Container Software
Use a Non-SSL Port for Directory Server
Upgrade Directory Server (Optional)
Upgrading Identity Server 2004Q2
Upgrading Identity Server 6.1
Upgrading an Access Manager SDK Installation
Upgrading Multiple Instances
Verifying the Upgrade
Access Manager Coexistence

Chapter 3   Configuring Access Manager With an Existing Directory Server
Directory Server Considerations
Administrator Privileges to Directory Server
Directory Server Upgrade
Directory Server Backup
Directory Server Utilities
Directory Server Libraries
Directory Server Online Documentation
Installing Access Manager
Running the Java ES Installer
Running the amconfig Script
Configuring the Directory Server Schema Files
Customizing After Installation
Configuring Directory Server
Adding Access Manager Object Classes
Approaches to Modifying Your Directory Tree
Directory Server Sample Data Migration Scripts
Adding Custom Object Classes
MadisonParc Examples
Loading Access Manager LDIF Files
Enabling Access Manager User Management
Verifying the Access Manager Installation

Appendix A   Access Manager Upgrade Worksheets
Pre-Upgrade Script Worksheet
Access Manager 6 2005Q1 Installation Worksheets
Administration Worksheet
Web Container Worksheets
Directory Server Worksheets
Schema Upgrade Scripts Worksheet



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