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Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q1 Deployment Planning Guide 

List of Tables

Table 1 Java Enterprise System Documentation
Table 1-1 Java Enterprise System Service Categories
Table 3-1 Usage Analysis Factors
Table 3-2 System Qualities Affecting QoS Requirements
Table 3-3 Unscheduled Downtime for a System Running Year-Round (8,760 hours)
Table 3-4 Availability of Services by Priority
Table 3-5 Scalability Factors
Table 3-6 Topics for Serviceability Requirements
Table 4-1 Java Enterprise System Component Dependencies
Table 4-2 Messaging Server Configurations
Table 4-3 Java Enterprise System Components Providing Remote Access
Table 4-4 Logical Tiers in a Multitiered Architecture
Table 4-5 Components in Messaging Server Logical Architecture
Table 4-6 Secure Access Zones and Components Placed Within Them
Table 5-1 CPU Estimates for Components Containing Access User Entry Points
Table 5-2 CPU Estimates for Supporting Components
Table 5-3 CPU Estimate Adjustments for Peak Load
Table 5-4 CPU Estimate Adjustments for Supporting Components
Table 5-5 Modifying CPU Estimates for Secure Transactions
Table 5-6 CPU Estimate Adjustments for Portal Server Secure Transactions
Table 5-7 CPU Estimate Adjustments for Supporting Components
Table 5-8 Data Access Points
Table 5-9 Resource Management Considerations

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